Why Defi Platform
will Make You Cryptopreneur ?

The Cryptopreneur Community is a community that was formed as a community forum for everyone involved in entrepreneurial activities based on the use of the world of Crypto as an investment commodity. Through Cryptopreneur Finance as a decentralized platform, every community member can develop and achieve Financial success.

We Start Built Dexes Platform
and You Can Swap, Add LP & Participate in Stake Pool

Earn passive income with Cryptopreneur.Finance, CCF makes it easy to make your crypto work for you by All Farm & Stake Pool. Join to Make Money from Home, Make Finance Revolution with Participate in our DAPPS Platform.

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Why Defi Platform will Make You Cryptopreneur Success ?

Because We Really Understand All The Features You Need For Maximum and Sustainable Yields


Enjoy trading at the lowest fees with no registration required. No hassle, and more Benefits for you.

With a smooth exchange Experience Fast and hassle free, simplifying your business needs


Provide CCF-LP tokens to our farm and start earning $CCF tokens & trading fees.

Collect all the benefits from Farming in the form of Sharing Transaction Fees and Farming Rewards


Stake Your Asset In Cryptopreneur Finance Pool to earn income on autopilot. Your assets will increase automatically every day!

Increase your CCF Token Collection by staking CCF manually or Auto Staking


CCF as a reward token is Minted very small and the supply is fixed

With a total supply of only 17 million, it is likely that the potential price of CCF will be very expensive in the future.

Why should you join the Cryptopreneur Community now?

The world of blockchain is getting more and more popular these days. Since people's curiosity about the world of cryptocurrency has increased, searches for blockchain technology have also increased. That's why we recommend everyone to join the Cryptopreneur Community.


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Start becoming the first generation in the Cryptopreneur Community with easy steps and start Step by Step.

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We believe that crypto is for everyone. See who is the Founder of this project.

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Cryptopreneur Blockchain Labs

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Community Development to Explore Blockchain Technology Research

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Now, I'm not calling for all of us to stop what we do in our daily lives. However, what I am offering is the creation of a decentralized digital citizen.– You and I, Thanks to Bitcoin and other Popular Blockchain based Projects, it has grown so much that it is more accessible than you think. It's time for you to join the Cryptopreneur Community. If not now, when, if not you, who? Witness the era where blockchain technology will take the most important part in the history of future civilization. The choice is yours, or you will choose to be left behind.

Want to ask something from us?

Our community and partners can take advantage of next-generation financial innovation through the Decentralized Finance Platform. Through DEFI, you will be able to understand further how to swap, become a liquidity provider, single staking via pool or LP staking via FARM. With this experience you will understand how to use Blockchain technology in a secure, transparent and globally accessible way.

If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us.

  • I feel interested in joining the Cryptopreneur Community, How and where should I start?

    Join by interacting with our community, using the Tokens We Launched, Exploring the Defi Platforms We Developed and utilizing all the Features available on all the Platforms we built as infrastructure to help Our Community Develop by participating directly in every Project development developed to build a Technology ecosystem Blockchain & Crypto Currency,

    Feel free to contact us at support@cryptopreneur.community

  • Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a new model for organizing and enabling cryptocurrency-based transactions, exchanges and financial services.

    The core premise of DeFi is that there is no centralized authority to dictate or control operations.

  • The main advantage of the presence of the DeFi ecosystem is easy access for everyone to take advantage of any financial service. The traditional financial system relies on intermediary institutions such as banks whose aim is to generate profits.

    This means that financial services are not always accessible to all levels of society, especially low-income communities. With DeFi, the costs of using financial services are reduced significantly, and ultimately opens the door for all levels of society to utilize financial services.

    DeFi application discoveries basically encourage the realization of financial inclusion, or conditions that allow everyone to have access to utilize financial products or services. This is needed because financial inclusion has been proven to help people get out of poverty, reduce social disparities and encourage economic growth.

  • The following are several examples of DEFI technology that has developed so rapidly :

    Decentralized Exchange (DEXES)

    Decentralized exchange (DEXES) is an application that facilitates transactions of exchanging one token for another using smart contract technology. One example of DEXES is what Cryptopreneur Blockchain Labs has developed, namely Cryptopreneur Finance which was built using Binance SmartChain Technology.

    Through Cryptopreneur Finance, you can carry out all activities that are generally the same as those that can be found on other well-known Dexes platforms such as PancakeSwap, Uniswap, etc.

    Decentralized Wallet (DEFI DApps WALLET)

    A decentralized wallet, or better known as DeFi wallet or non-custodial wallet, is an application that allows you to access digital assets that you obtain from a decentralized exchange (DEX). They are not owned or managed by a head office or third party intermediary, so they give you complete control over your funds and private keys.

    Decentralized wallets are available in many different forms, the most popular of which are mobile applications that can be installed on a smartphone or tablet. This application is also available for desktop and via several websites as an extension or plugin. No matter how you use them, the most popular wallets offer the same key features, including:

    - View the balance and value of your cryptocurrency
    - Send and receive digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs
    - Connect with decentralized applications (DApps)
    - Save your public and private keys

    Most decentralized wallet applications available today, including Metamask and Trust Wallet — two of the most well-known — are secured by what is called a recovery or seed phrase. Both are sets of numbers that must be entered in the correct order to gain access. Without this phrase, you lose access to your wallet and will likely never be able to recover it again

    Currently Cryptopreneur Blockchain Labs is currently researching and designing its own Defi Wallet development which when launched will carry the name Cryptopreneur Wallet where this Wallet will later become a Utility for CRF Tokens.

    This Cryptopreneur Wallet is planned to be released no later than the second quarter of 2024

    Decentralized Lending and Borrowing Crypto Asset (DEFI Lending & Borrow)

    One of the DeFi categories that is currently widely used is Crypto Asset Lending and Borrowing Platforms.

    DEFI lending and borrowing based on Blockchain Smart Contract Technology has a unique way of working due to its decentralized nature. You can deposit crypto assets to earn interest, and also borrow other crypto assets.

    To use DEFI Crypto Asset Lending and Borrowing, you only need a Defi Wallet and a certain amount of funds in the form of tokens according to the protocol used.

    With Defi Crypto Asset Lending, anyone can borrow and borrow assets without banks or other financial institutions.

    Currently Cryptopreneur Blockchain Labs in collaboration with Plax Blockchain Labs is researching and designing the development of Defi Lending and Borrowing based on dual protocols, BNB SmartChain and Polygon Network which are being developed in stages.

    This Defi project launched will carry the name Dogrowth Project where Defi Lending and Borrowing is planned to be released no later than the first quarter of 2024

    Many other Defi categories can be found at www.defillama.com

  • Don't hesitate to always ask questions and consult with us either through our consultant or via email. For further questions, you can contact us via Email: support@cryptopreneur.community